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Ladies And Gentlemen, Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself



    NARRATOR (Bernie Mac)
What in the fuck was that? I told you to get someone who 
knows something about Kanye West to write about Kanye West! 
You don’t know anything about rap music! You didn’t even
listen to Reasonable Doubt until like 2006. You’re a dilettante
with no sense of rap history. I don’t mean that in no nice

Hi. I sit in a my office/kitchen in Queens in a folding chair from the discount store up the street and listen to music on big headphones. I’ve provided some photographic evidence. See? There’s a broom to my right, and a window behind me. This is my sole qualification for writing (what I hope will be) quite a bit about one of the world’s foremost entertainer cum artists.

I think right now I’ll probably talk about the first time I listened to Kanye West, and then talk a bit more about subsequent listening experiences, and then offer a theory of criticism.

Over the summer of 2004 I was in between junior and senior years of college. I was staying on a friend’s couch during this interstitial chapter of my life, and one afternoon we were just shooting the shit talking when I remember he played “All Falls Down” for me and said, sort of sheepishly, “This song’s actually good.”

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I’m so glad Hendrik decided to give one of Tumblr’s biggest artist crushes full reign. 

I can’t wait for B Michael to get to MBDTF (it’s his favorite album,* and sometimes mine too), but I’m hoping we’ll get some coverage of the pre-College Dropout days too. 

Wonder how this will overlap with Brandon Soderberg’s MBDTF Week.

*Milk-Eyed Mender and Have One on Me but no Ys? What gives, B? 

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Scrap of dragonglass, eh Viserys?

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My favorite songs.

A decidedly non-definitive list. 

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered, sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

Only Skin, by Joanna Newsom.

Gloria, by Patti Smith.

A Little Lost, by Arthur Russell. 

Graceland, sung by The Tallest Man on Earth. 

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